I'm a "Full-Stack" Developer focusing on web technologies. My professional passions lie in creating cutting-edge applications that focus on rich user experiences, masking complexity with the refined clarity of clean UX design. If a project can combine rich user interfaces, 3D data visualization, complex big data and astronauts or the International Space Station, then you've found the dream project for me!

My career thus far has allotted me the opportunity to work with teams of highly talented individuals on some highly complex projects. I've been able to learn the ins and outs of estimating, system architecture, planning and implementation, effective refactoring, teamwork, leadership, product ownership, project management and client/stakeholder relations.

- Mike LP -



Senior Software Developer


A decade of experience creating cutting-edge web applications that focus heavily on providing rich user experiences along with proven stable and scalable server-side services. Repeatedly demonstrated an ability to rapidly learn new technologies and domain knowledge to immediately contribute to new projects.


Professional Experience

Software Developer, Owner
Astronaut Software
Scarborough ME (2006-Present)

Created and maintain ISSTracker.com. Contract-based development on Windows on Earth. Develop proofs-of-concept to explore new technologies that will further the project. Orchestrate the combination of applications, scripts and third-party tools that makes Windows on Earth tick.

Senior Software Developer
Portland Webworks, Inc
Portland ME (2011-2015)

Design and development custom web/mobile application solutions using a range of technologies such as PHP, Java, Obj-C, Javascript and HTML/CSS. Maintain concurrent development on several projects with differing technology stacks. Assist in new business building proposals and estimates.

Web Developer
Rochester Electronics, LLC
Newburyport MA (2009-2011)

Create custom web applications to integrate interdepartmental workflows. Adapt existing web applications to utilize modern web technologies such as HTML5 and Ajax. Maintain and extend the corporate intranet and internet websites to meet growing business needs.

Senior Software Engineer
DNS Enterprises, Inc
Newburyport MA (2007-2009)

Sole engineer of a top-to-bottom site redesign that helped more than double revenue during the transition to a paid membership model. Provided rapid-response site maintenance. Created custom Joomla components to act as a new front-end interface for products. New product development from concept to production.


M.S. (enrolledTechnology Management 
B.S. (2003) Computer Science
Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston MA

Real-Time Interactive Simulation
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Redmond WA


Honorably served in the US Navy
Rating: FTSN
Honors: BESS Class Honorman